Oct 19, 2018

5 security tips law firms shouldn’t ignore

Cases are confidential, and all information pertaining to them must be protected at all costs. In an increasingly interconnected world where hackers don’t rest, and cyberattacks happen on the same day a software update is released, how do you make sure that your data is secured and will not be stolen from right under your nose? Do not ignore these industry-tested security tips for your law firm, so that your data won’t be compromised, and you’ll stay on top of your game.

Tip #1: Lay down your security policies

Security policy guidelines are the first step to data protection. Such guidelines outline the reasons why you need to protect your data, the steps you must undertake in order to protect it, and the possible sanctions if a user breaks a policy. With written security policies, you can easily monitor whether or not you are achieving your data security objectives.

Tip #2: Continually conduct security training for your staff

Bennett Jones reports that as high as 88% of data breaches are due to human error, but little is being done by businesses to address the issue.

To avoid IT troubles arising from human ignorance or negligence, regularly conduct security trainings with your staff. From creating strong passwords to handling encrypted files to updating mobile software, these trainings provide your workforce with the technological know-how to prevent a data breach on their end. Employees well-versed on the topic of data security provide a vital layer of protection for your data.

Training shouldn’t just be a one-time occasion, but a continuing effort. Data phishers are coming up with more sophisticated techniques by the day, and system bugs have become more damaging with every attack. Technology evolves fast, and your firm should be able to keep pace with it.

Tip #3: Strengthen your mobile workforce

Working away from the office has become commonplace in many industries. While this setup has a lot of advantages such as heightened productivity and faster data delivery, it also brings security risks to your firm. A mobile workforce means working in environments that do not have the same robust security firewalls as your in-house network. It also means using employee-owned or company-issued devices that most likely use outdated software, making these devices vulnerable to cyberattacks. Strengthen your employees’ security off-site by employing mobile device management (MDM) solutions that allow you to track the location of users’ sessions, install multi-factor authentication, and wipe mobile devices clean if they ever get lost.

Tip #4: Think twice about using a public cloud

Should you go with a public cloud, you will have very little to no control over who can access your data. You won’t even know where exactly your servers are located. You won’t know if your data is being sold. In fact, prior to the mandatory disclosure of security breaches that will take effect on November 1, your cloud provider could withhold information about the security status of your data.

The public cloud may be cheaper than the private cloud at first glance, but weigh your options carefully, because if something goes wrong with the public cloud, you will ultimately pay a higher price: data loss and business downtime.

Tip #5: Trust only experts in security IT

If you’re unsure about your IT security needs, it’s wise to consult a managed services provider (MSP). They will assess your security risks and weak points of your infrastructure, and give recommendations based on their evaluation. MSPs also help companies bolster their IT security and make sure that businesses follow all cybersecurity and data privacy regulations per the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

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