Aug 26, 2020

68th: The Honour And Prestige Of Winning An MSP 501 Award

The spirit of competition in the last decade has had a serious contender with psychology’s desire to boost the “broad strokes” morale of society. We’ve seen it in our schools where giant first place trophies have been replaced by dozens of participation ribbons and where sports team benches are overloaded in the spirit of not making cuts. That sharing of the limelight is new. And it’s refreshing and admirable in many ways. But it also creates a flattening effect—the stars have a little shine taken off them so the universe shines brighter as a whole. It’s hard to see who stands out.

Where competition still exists in its old-school form, taking no prisoners, there’s a different problem: undeserved praise. Sometimes that badge wasn’t so much earned in fairness as bought. Too many times, accolades have politics behind them. Emblems have no weight because prestige can be purchased. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see sometimes who the high-achievers really are.

But between those two opposing ends of the spectrum, there is fair play and respect. There are legitimate awards, earned through action, merit, and peer review. There are nods for those who have excelled based on carefully selected criteria.

In the Managed IT industry, that coveted cream-of-the-crop badge is the Channel Futures MSP 501 Award. Channel Futures is comprised of a dedicated group of reporters, editors, analysts, and industry professionals devoted to recognizing companies focussed on the digital services revolution.

Regarded as the world’s most comprehensive ranking of Managed Service Providers, the MSP 501 Award recognizes go-getter companies that have demonstrated best-in-class service and results in IT. Size and revenue matter, but on a weighted system, ensuring smaller companies doing amazing things are seen beside coasting giants.

The prestigious MSP 501 Award goes to those MSPs who deserve recognition not only because of accomplishments relative to size and revenue, but also forward-thinking business strategies and disciplines, anticipating trends, alignment with best-practices in security and risk mitigation, and acting proactively in the changing IT industry.

Becoming a #501 is a big deal.

It means you’re doing something very right if you land on the world’s first, largest, and most comprehensive IT service provider ranking. And, because it’s a serious honour, we’re going to brag here for a moment (or, like, for a few months!)

Overall, our Toronto-based company placed 68th out of the top 501 MSPs in the world, designating us as an elite Managed Service Provider.

For the third time, Vertex is proud to announce that we’ve landed on the MSP 501 list—and in an impressive spot to boot! It is such an honour to be recognized for doing a great job of the job we love. Finishing in the top 15% of that list amongst the thousands that apply, is icing on the cake. Being recognized as one of the leading #MSP501’s in the world isn’t something we tuck away. We’re shouting it from the digital mountain tops.

Under this banner, we will continue to lead the forward edge of managed IT services, constantly upgrading and fine-tuning information technology as it develops. We will continue to support and protect Toronto’s law firms and businesses with the most advanced IT solutions in the industry.

Thank you!

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