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Since 2008, Vertex’s team of committed and passionate IT professionals have dedicated themselves to creating exceptional Information Technologies solutions for the Greater Toronto Area.


Our team ensures a best-in-class, managed IT experience for your business through disruption-free, secure and reliable networks with unparalleled customer service. At Vertex, we partner with your company to create an optimized IT solution for your business.

As your IT partner, Vertex recommends and integrates the best applications, workflows, and customized systems. From setup and maintenance to future planning and support, we offer the services you need to increase efficiency and maximize your ROI—clients earn up to $3,000 per month more when they work with us.

Our expertise in legal technologies combined with an attentive corporate culture focused on client success has produced an impeccable record of client retention and growth.

Tangible results, best-in-class managed IT solutions, and an entire team of Toronto IT professionals dedicated to your success—that’s the Team Vertex Advantage!

Vertex is proud to be a leading member of the TruMethods Winner’s Circle—an elite group of Managed Service Providers who aspire to achieve a world-class level of service. Our core values enable us to continuously improve our methods, knowledge, and training to stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology industry.


Core Values

Vertex has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies for 4 years in a row. As an industry leader, our core values keep us focused on continuous growth.

  • Team-Oriented

    Our people are the core of what we do. We win and lose as a team while trying to make the other person’s job easier.

  • Dependable

    When we make a promise at Vertex, we intend to keep it. That’s why we always act responsibly and honor the commitments we make with clients.

  • Passionate

    We genuinely love providing IT solutions for our clients, which is why we take pride in our jobs and go above and beyond to ensure a job is done correctly.

  • Customer-Focused

    Our customers are what makes our business. When we partner with clients, we build relationships that foster trust, confidence, and loyalty.

  • Innovative

    We develop forward-thinking solutions coupled with leading-edge technology to empower our people and clients to be industry leaders


We work hard to drive your success.

Meet our elite solution experts.

Tyler Sanders
Tyler Sanders

For as long as he can remember, Tyler has been enthralled by both technology and gadgets. His first foray into entrepreneurship occurred at the tender age of 8 – and, while primarily motivated to save enough money to buy video gaming consoles and computers (maybe even a Commodore 64) his early industrialist efforts inspired a life’s journey. Now 25-years later, he is still as enchanted by technology and gadgets – and, has built an impressive career as a result. After successfully leading an IT consulting company for almost a decade, Tyler founded Vertex in 2008 – a company intentionally created to specifically and sustainably focus on IT for law firms.

As CEO at Vertex, Tyler continuously works on researching and evaluating the most innovative solutions for the company and the clients they serve. He is, however, most proud of the team (and, culture) he has built – an intelligent, compassionate, empowered company that excel in cultivating meaningful client relationships and exceptional service excellence.

Tyler revels in watching sports, but his effervescence is hockey – he is most specifically starry-eyed for the Maple Leafs; who he truly believes will one day be the victorious Stanley Cup champions (it’s important to dream). Outdoorsy, absolutely – Tyler has an epic fascination for wake surfing, snowboarding, snorkelling, fishing and pretty much anything else that gets him on (or in) the water. He is a devoted husband of 16-years (something to be very proud of young man), and a doting dad to his two children. The Sanders are the epitome of the bucket list family – travelling the world together, pinning each journey on their we-were-here map. When he isn’t leading the company, or travelling with his clan, Tyler can be found on the ice coaching his son’s rep hockey team, or filling his gas tank as it empties quite quickly Uber-ing his kiddos anywhere and everywhere.

Mark McRae
Mark McRae

Mark began his career in Technology Management. An evergreen learner, he wanted more so enrolled in a post-graduate IT program – one year later, Mark graduated at the top of his class; and, leapt into the world as a Computer Programmer where he spent time with various start-up software firms. Mark later migrated into the global banking arena, joining RBC as a Technology Analyst. It would be at RBC where Mark felt the pull of his calling in People Management. And, over the course of his 8-year tenure with them, he was trained, coached and promoted to ever-evolving roles within the organization.

In 2014, he learned of Vertex – a rising star in the IT Service Provider sector; and, joined their talented collective as CIO. Mark’s compassionate and caring presence was palpable in the company, amidst the culture, and with the clients – he was someone we knew we wanted around for a very long time. As a result, one year later Mark was made a partner, and started transitioning into the role of COO. Today he and Tyler lead Vertex – having developed and cultivated a powerful partnership, rooted in deep trust, bountiful respect, and an infinite drive for service excellence.

When Mark is not at Vertex, he can be found in one of three places. One, in his car – gladly chauffeuring he and his wife, Laura; or, their four inspiring children to their various recreational interests. Two, outdoors in the open air – be it on their rural property in Halton Hills or at their cottage in Haliburton, Mark and his family savour the life they have fostered. Or, three, at the gym – a competitive bodybuilder in his youth, Mark remains devoted to his physical and mental well-being; and, has been known to rise with the sun to pump iron every day of the week (just reading this makes us tired, too).

Neil Murray
Neil Murray

Neil has been building his arsenal of skills and expertise in the Information Technology arena, over the past 25 years. Most recently, his field of vision has become laser-focused on security and protection best practices. At Vertex, Neil is our Virtual Chief Information Office (CIO) – this means that he diligently works with our clients to help them discern and mastermind their own unique security requirements.

When Neil’s not CIO’ing, he can be found on the ice coaching ringette. Or, donned in costume nourishing his community theatre fervor. Or, slowing down amidst a glorious provincial park, with his family and fur baby. His heart is tremendously gracious, so you will also see him devoting his affection to the Board of Directors for his local Humane Society, a Medieval Festival, and most recently, his community Ringette Association.

Mike Michalak
Mike Michalak
Cloud & Professional Services Lead

A native Nova Scotian, Mike made his way to the big smoke over 30 years ago and started working in the legal industry. Mike always found himself involved in IT in one form or another and decided to pursue it as a full time career. Over the next 25 years Mike has gained valuable experience and insight into the areas of Network and System Administration, Application Support, Helpdesk Management and has lead several IT projects for large Bay Street law firms.

Outside of IT, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and his two sons, taking on a new home renovation projects, and going for nice long walks on the Beaches boardwalk.

Montasir Elsayed
Montasir Elsayed
System Administrator

Montasir joined Vertex in August 2015, as a Systems Administrator – which means he is fluent in computer; and, possesses copious amounts of effortless skill and abundant expertise when it comes to networks, servers, IT security systems and other critical components of IT infrastructure. Monti is a maestro of mainframes, microcomputers and most (if not all) thinking machines. And, we are so glad he is part of our squad.

Over his career, Monti has assembled a powerhouse of experience in infrastructure design, implementation and management. He is also an erudite (yes, you might need to Google that) – Monti holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering; and, if that wasn’t impressive enough he also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Dwayne Hall
Dwayne Hall
Implementation Consultant

Dwayne’s experience in the information technology industry has been focused on providing technical infrastructure consulting to clients in a multitude of categories.

His experience is vast and deep – with a noteworthy proficiency in delivering comprehensive technology assessments. Dwayne helps clients re-architect their current infrastructure; and, based on their needs, provides future technology decision road maps.

Dwayne also has extensive implementation and migration experience; and, boundless related skills in architecture, design and development – of Windows servers, directory services, Enterprise Virtualization and productivity applications, to name just a few. He is clever and discerning – and, we are grateful to have his genius on the team.

When not being the master IT builder, you will find Lance Armstrong smiling ear-to-ear, infinitely happy to be on the roads or the open trails with his bicycle. And, when he isn’t riding, he is either teaching or practising the ancient martial art of Tai Chi.

Don Cameron
Don Cameron

Don is an integral and all-important member of our leadership team at Vertex – as our Accountant, he manages, protects, and advocates for the health and vitality of our organization’s finances.

Over the last 30-years Don has cultivated a remarkable career in the world of finance. From Managing Partner at KPMG, to CFO at RBC Global Private Banking. From the corporate world, to the land of entrepreneurship. He is a strategist, a forward-thinker and a driving force. And, we are fairly certain that the speed at which his white matter works would rival Einstein’s.

Don’s been married for 40-years to the love-of-his-life, Judy. Apart from his noble career, some of Don’s most illustrious honours are being a proud papa to his two kids, Amanda, and Mike. And, an adoring, doting grandpa to his grandson, Heathcliff.

Ajdin Aliskovic
Ajdin Aliskovic
Professional Services & Cloud Lead

Ajdin [pronounced, eye-deen. It’s ok, we had a hard time enunciating it at first, too], is our Professional Services and Cloud Lead at Vertex. And, is a sophisticated, seasoned IT master.

His fandom of technology guided him towards completing Business Applications courses at George Brown College, and subsequently landing his first job in the IT world. From building computers, to assembling and testing servers, Ajdin has amassed a wealth of skills, dexterity and experience over the course of his expansive IT journey.

Ajdin joined Vertex in our early years. And, recently celebrated his 10thanniversary with us. He has navigated through a myriad of roles, applications and workflows at Vertex; and, along the way has collected a passion for both leading his team members, and serving his clients – exceptionally.

Ajdin’s way of life is his art – spending his slower moments walking in nature, biking and reading. He is his happiest at breakfast – his favourite meal of the day. And, thinks bagels should be their own food group.

Brooke Ann Dias
Brooke Ann Dias
Service Desk Coordinator

Brooke is armed with a Master’s degree in Technology Management – and, if that isn’t enough, she is also a Computer Engineer. Gifted with both a powerful IT background and a customer care fortitude, she is momentous part of our customer service team.

A wanderluster by heart – Brooke adores seeing, adventuring and journeying across as much of planet earth as she can. Both inquisitive and curious, she is always game to try new experiences – both at home and abroad. Brooke loves her flicks and anime – and, when not riveted by the silver screen, she spends as much time as she can playing games and connecting with her friends collective.

Motaz Hassan
Motaz Hassan
Service Desk Team Lead

As our Service Desk Team Lead, Motaz, brings in over 20 years of experience, working for multinational corporations, legal firms and MSPs. Motaz has worked on many IT infrastructure upgrades and migration projects. He is highly customer focused, derives pleasure from exceeding clients’ expectations, and is a passionate team player, who enjoys working with his colleagues, to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Known as the Tasmanian Devil among his colleagues, Motaz loves to joke around with his teammates. He is a loving husband and a father of 3 amazing kids.

We are experts in implementing and supporting these Law Applications and more.
  • ACL3
  • GhostPractice
  • Summation
  • Worldox
  • PC Law
  • WordLX
  • TimeMatters
  • InForm
  • Amicus Attorney
  • Philips Speech Processing
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Copitrak
  • Worksite
  • Primafact
  • Divorcemate
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