Sep 2021

AUM Law is more productive now with improved cloud performance, fewer issues, and fast and effective support.

“Our experience to date gives us confidence that we can count on Vertex to keep our systems running 24/7.”

Larry Cabaltera
Larry Cabaltera

IT Administrator, AUM Law

The challenge

We were with our previous service provider for approximately five years, provided us with good service, but in addition to cost considerations, they were moving away from cloud/remote hosting. AUM Law wanted to have managed IT and cloud/remote hosting services provided by a one-stop shop as it was challenging to connect with separate providers.

The solution

Our full migration took place in March 2020. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vertex made sure that our firm’s systems were accessible to us remotely, as we quickly transitioned to working from home. They assisted with the firm’s migration, which went smoothly despite external disruptions going all around us at the time.

The results

Our customer service experience and online productivity have improved significantly. We have had fewer helpdesk tickets, as the system runs smoothly. This allows us to focus on other tasks at hand without any interruptions.

There are a few key benefits of using the Vertex Cloud. Starting from the smooth onboarding and the transition from our previous provider, to proper step-by-step instructions for our entire team, the performance of our systems and our access to the server are very efficient. Our experience to date gives us confidence that we can count on Vertex to assist and keep our systems running 24/7.

Why Vertex?

A Google search led us to Vertex, but their commitment to customer service, professional team, responsiveness to inquiries, as well as the reasonable cost of their services, drove our switch to Vertex.

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