Dec 2021

Vertex Helps Benson Percival Brown LLP (BPB) Improve Firm Productivity with a Cloud Migration and Faster Support Turnaround Times

“I was tremendously impressed with Vertex’s Service Desk team. Every person I worked with was friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. I cannot say this enough – but I am so happy that our firm made the switch when we could.”

Benson Percival Brown LLP (BPB)
Benson Percival Brown LLP (BPB)

Benson Percival Brown LLP (BPB) is a law firm that specializes in personal injury and litigation and has represented insurers and other corporate entities in Canada since 1956.

Over the years, BPB’s practice continued to grow. Jo-Anne Hebert, BPB’s Office Manager, discusses her organization’s challenges and how Vertex helped turn their IT from an expense to an asset.

The challenge

Our previous solution was not meeting our IT needs. When our firm experienced technical issues, long wait times from our IT support severely impacted employees’ valuable time, firm productivity, and ultimately profitability.  Our firm collectively agreed it was time to move to a new IT partner who specialized in working with law firms and could provide a cloud-based solution, faster support response times and strong IT security.

The solution

I met Tyler at TLOMA and had learned about Vertex’s services over the years.We reached out to Tyler to discuss our firm requirements and he came back with a law firm-specific cloud-based computing strategy. We were impressed with how he took the time to thoroughly understand our firm’s technology requirements and build a solution that addressed several key issues. This included discussing security requirements through proactive planning and reactive strategies, fulfilling all workflow requirements, and installing a completely new IT infrastructure.

Although we had proposals from four different vendors, we found Vertex’s solution had the best cloud and security offerings. In addition, we were impressed that they are law firm focused.

The results

Right from the get-go, Vertex positively surprised us. Our firm was running on extremely tight deadlines, as we needed to depart from our previous provider as soon as possible. Thanks to Vertex and their spectacular team, they were able to replace our office servers and deliver a cloud virtual desktop environment within those established timelines.

One of our other concerns was whether we would need to adjust to new workflows and have a big learning curve with new cloud technology. To our surprise, things were not disruptiveand everyone at the firm was able to operate business-as-usual throughout the entire onboarding time, includingeven those who struggled with technology.Like most people who run or manage an office know, onboarding to a new IT solution has the potential to be time-consuming, challenging, and disruptive. Fortunately, Vertex’s onboarding process was excellent.

The IT solutions recommended and implemented by Vertex helped dramatically increase BPB’s productivity across the board. Now that our firm is cloud-based, Vertex has helped us optimize our workflows and made them more efficient.

As an office manager, most of my days were filled with technological disruptions. Since our switch, so much unnecessary work has been taken off my plate. Now, I can focus on work that matters, without downtime, and have easy access to all my documents that are stored in one place. I am so happy we chose Vertex as our new IT provider.

Why Vertex?

In view of the current climate in the world of technology and the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks, the security our clients’ data was at the forefront of our search for an IT partner.  We were looking for an IT partner that had security standards reaching above and beyond all other providers, while providing us with the most streamlined and cost-efficient cloud-based IT solution.  Our partnership with a cyber-security expert narrowed our focus and helped confirm that Vertex was committed to putting in place the right systems, processes, and IT team to meet those goals. We also took comfort in Vertex’s experience and focus in IT in the legal market.

If you are thinking about making a switch, do it. Whether you are looking for a new security solution or move from on-premises to a cloud-based solution, Vertex will help make that happen seamlessly.

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