Customized IT Delivery.

Focused Solutions.


Vertex provides support for a range of IT needs – from taking your entire enterprise system into the Cloud to just helping your business with any number of specific IT requirements. We’ll work with you to customize a unique IT solution that fits both your budget and your timelines.


Since 2008, Vertex’s team of committed and passionate IT professionals have been dedicated to the success of our clients’ law firms. Through delivering exceptional results and impeccable customer service, our team ensures a best-in-class managed IT experience that proves itself in a disruption-free, secure and reliable network that allows our clients to fully maximize the potential of their business

Customized project include:

  • New Office Setups
  • New IT infrastructure Builds
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
  • IT Security Services
  • Technology and Workflow Optimizations
  • Remote Access Solutions

Why choose Vertex Managed IT Services for your business?

virtual cio

Dedicated Virtual CIO:

All of our clients are assigned a vCIO, a Vertex team member that is only dedicated to your network’s strategic planning and optimization, from understanding your business needs today to big picture projections on how to plan, scale and create cost and operational efficiency in your IT infrastructure. Your Vertex vCIO will make your company more secure, productive and profitable through increased uptime and enhanced security.



Vertex’s network performance optimization ensures your business system operate at maximum efficiency at all times. Monthly in-person meetings on service delivery and optimization pin-point and improve network performance, giving our client that ability to become more profitable through increased productivity and system availability.

Enhanced Security Services:

Going beyond network security best-practices, we give our client the opportunity to be more productive and profitable with increased uptime and security. With proactive monitoring, continuous management of security protocols and risk-migration strategies, Vertex Managed IT Services delivers enhanced network security with virtually no downtime. We include advanced, state of the art security software and backup solution into our security solutions, creating a network that clients can depend on to run their business.

Toronto Help-Desk:

Located on-site at Vertex, our GTA Help-Desk is available for unlimited support at part of our Managed IT Services. With client satisfaction ratings above 98%, our world-class customer service team ensures your issues get dealt with in a timely, effective manner to keep you and your team productive.

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Team Vertex Advantage:

Vertex’s team of committed and passionate IT professionals are dedicated to your law firm’s success. Through delivering exceptional results and impeccable customer service, our team ensures a best-in-class managed IT experience.

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