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How do we choose a Managed Services Provider and why is there such a range in pricing?

A lot of diligence should go into selecting a Managed Service Provider. Start by asking the following questions of the providers you’re considering:

  • What percentage of your team is in dedicated proactive versus reactive roles?
  • Does your service include onsite/offsite backups and disaster recovery?
  • What security software are included in your fees?
  • Do you offer after-hour user support?
  • Do you offer onsite support?
  • How much insurance do you carry and does it include E&O and Cyber?
  • How do you measure client satisfaction?
  • What is your same-day response rate?
  • Are you formally certified by the vendors of the applications you offer?
  • How do you measure, report on and reduce the amount of reactive tickets?
  • Do you offer 24/7 monitoring?
Why is over half of the Vertex team in proactive roles?

One of our big differentiators is our focus on reducing reactive problems, security risks and downtime. We do this with proactivity. People in reactive roles (e.g., Help Desk) are too busy solving problems to reduce the number of potential problems. That’s why over 50% of our workforce are in proactive roles.

Why do you bundle backups and security software with your service?

We spent years researching the most effective technologies, processes and standards to secure and protect our clients’ businesses. We don’t want to compromise our clients by not including all of the necessary components and expertise to deliver on this. So we bundle all of this into our affordable fixed-fee price.

What does the vCIO assigned to my account do?

The vCIO (a.k.a., Virtual Chief Information Officer) is your dedicated technology consultant. They’re available to you as needed, and they also perform quarterly and annual technology meetings to help make your firm more productive, understand and reduce risk, create long and short-term IT budgets and ensure technology is aligned with the direction and growth of your business. This role combined with NetAdmin are the two most important roles to ensure technology is not a risk or hindrance to your business.

What does the NetAdmin assigned to my account do?

The NetAdmin (a.k.a., Technology Alignment Analysist) is your dedicated proactive resource responsible for reducing IT problems in your environment and security risks. They are continuously aligning your IT against Vertex and industry best practices to ensure maximum uptime and productivity. This role combined with vCIO are the two most important roles to ensure technology is not a risk or hindrance to your business.

What is your same-day ticket response rate?

Our average is over 95% same-day response rate with the only exception being low-priority tickets entered at the end of the day.

Do you include after-hour user support?

Yes. We understand people work outside of normal business hours so we include high-priority after-hour support in our fixed-fee pricing.

Do you include onsite support?

Yes, and it’s included in our fixed fee. While we are very effective and timely at supporting most common issues remotely, we know there will be times when we need to send a technician out to you.

Do I need to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for remote logins?

Yes, because it’s an important security measure to protect against password-related breaches. Multi-factor authentication is very easy to use and just provides a code on your phone to enter when logging in remotely. MFA comes bundled with our cloud offering.

I get complicated IT questionnaires from our clients and insurance companies. Is Vertex able to assist with those?

Yes. Many of our clients have these strict requirements and we work closely with them to get them into compliance and keep them in compliance along with completing questionnaires and audits.

We notice you are located in Vaughan and our business is downtown. Does this mean it will take longer to get support?

While our head office is located in Vaughan, many of our team members are downtown every day to support our clients.

We have been reading about a lot of cyber-security-related crimes and that criminals are now targeting small and mid-sized businesses. Should we be concerned and what should we be doing?

Cybercrime is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that in many countries is financially backed by governments. They are targeting small and mid-sized businesses to extort money, steal information and money, and are being extremely successful at it. Cyber security is a conversation you should be having with your IT on an ongoing basis as it is a shared responsibility and tremendous threat to your business.

How should I select a Cloud provider?

Start by asking all of the questions outlined in our FAQ about selecting a Managed Services Provider:

  • Where is their cloud located?
  • What redundancy do they have in their equipment?
  • Do they have a secondary cloud location in case there is a failure to their primary?
  • What software licensing is included?
  • What backups and disaster recovery is included?
  • What are their fees for adding additional resources (e.g., RAM, vCPU, Storage)?
  • Do they provide a virtual desktop for you to access your applications in the cloud (e.g., RDS, Citrix)?
Can you host PCLaw in the Cloud?

Yes, PCLaw can be hosted in a custom-built cloud environment. Be sure to select a cloud provider that has extensive experience with this type of PCLaw setup as it is not a straightforward installation.

How long does it typically take to migrate our servers to the cloud?

This is dependent on the number of users, applications and data. Average ranges are 3090 days.

Is your private cloud hosted in Canada?

Yes, both our primary and secondary Data Centres are located in Canada.

What kind of redundancy do you have in your cloud hosting to protect from downtime?

We have redundancy within every piece of equipment (e.g., power supplies, network cards, fans, etc.) and with all equipment (e.g., redundant firewalls, network switches, clustered servers and storage). We have dual-power feeds from different grids, battery backup units and diesel generators. Additionally, we have a secondary data centre to protect in case there was ever an issue with the primary site).

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