Mar 22, 2021

Investing in IT is One of the Best Employee Benefits Law Firms Can Buy in 2021

If you’re responsible for hiring new employees at a law firm, you understand the challenge of finding and recruiting candidates who are both qualified and motivated. When there are more positions available than candidates to fill them, hiring managers are under even more pressure to appeal to top-tier talent.

Employee benefits are one of the key recruitment strategies that hiring managers have at their disposal. But many office managers and human resources managers don’t realize that information technology (IT) is one of the most sought-after job benefits for today’s job seekers.

Let’s take a look at the best employment benefits law firms offer to compete for the best candidates. Then we’ll explore the ways that IT operates as an employment benefit in 2021. That way, you are fully prepared to appeal to new team members and avoid the high rates of employee turnover that accompany unhappy workers.

Cover the basic employment benefits bases

Growing your firm means investing in your people. Employment benefits break down into two categories:

  1. mandatory benefits
  2. expected supplemental benefits.

Incentive compensation plans matter when recruiting talent.

Mandatory Benefits

According to Canadian employee benefits law, mandatory benefits include pension plans, legislated and parental leaves, paid time off (PTO), employment insurance, and eye exams. Put in some work here! Go above and beyond by providing great retirement plan benefits, vacation packages, and more.

Supplemental Benefits

Beyond the mandatory benefits, you have an opportunity to stand out with benefit incentives that grow loyalty. Supplemental benefits attract and retain top talent. In fact, today supplemental benefits are non-negotiable to many job-seekers. Whether you’re hiring a new lawyer who has just entered the workforce or you’re bringing an established professional into the firm, people expect more than the basics. Small firms that provide great benefits compete with larger firms for acquisition.

Employee & Dependent Life Insurance

Offer multiple levels of coverage for employee and dependent life insurance. Let employees choose whether or not to enroll in these employer-sponsored plans.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)

An AD&D rider is added to basic life insurance plans and covers the unintentional death or dismemberment of the covered individual. Importantly, AD&D is a supplement, and it cannot replace life insurance.

Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) 

These plans provide income to any worker who becomes disabled. They generally provide 60-70% of the covered individual’s income.

Critical Illness Insurance

These policies pay out a tax-free, lump sum of money in the event of certain illnesses and medical conditions. Some job-seekers are paying especially close attention to these policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health Care

Workers who seek insurance through their employers often want to see comprehensive coverage that covers things like prescription medications, hospital benefits, paramedical services, medical aid during travel, trip cancellation due to illness, and convalescent care.

Vision & Dental Care

Supplemental vision and dental care are expected by employees today. Offer it to draw candidates to your firm. Going above and beyond the standard expectations of vision and dental coverage gives workers the peace of mind they need about a new job.

Is IT a Job Benefit?

Yes! In today’s remote work world, providing excellent IT that amplifies an employee’s user experience (in or out of the office) is an attractive benefit essential to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Too many law firms don’t realize that information technology (IT) is a valuable employment lever. Motivated employees who are joining the workforce are tech-savvy. They look for an IT experience that is straightforward, current, and flexible. Outdated IT management hurts you in the hiring realm—so invest in IT and promote it as a benefit to new recruits!

What Does Investing in IT as a Law Firm Employee Benefit Look Like?

Start by building a functional infrastructure for your entire team, regardless of where everyone works at your firm. Upgrade your IT ecosystem to a high level so current employees benefit right now and new hires walk into that top-tier tech environment after recruitment. Streamlining managed IT services is a win-win for current and future employees.

Here are five technology tips to get your firm ready to offer IT as an attractive employee benefit:

1. Adopt technology that makes it easier to be flexible with workflows. This will minimize interruptions and maximize productivity.

2. Incentivize adaptability and encourage a la carte work hours. Applicants want to see they can pick hours that work for them from wherever they work best.

3. Fully support remote work and focus on remote work plans that amplify the user experience (with VPNs, gated log-in, and firewalls). Create an infrastructure that makes employees “feel connected” to the workplace even if they dial in from the cottage.

4. Provide exceptional virtual spaces and a supportive IT environment with great IT staff. Does this sound difficult to attain? It’s not when you outsource your IT to a professional.

5. Rapidly provision devices and applications from a virtual private cloud. Private cloud systems are beneficial because of their scalability, transparency, and security. Employees want those desirable features when dealing with information and technology in the workplace.

At Vertex, we think outsourcing your IT to a professional Managed IT Service Provider who specializes in law is the best way to navigate this complex area of employee recruitment and engagement.

Invest in Managed IT Services

A Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) manages your law firm’s IT ecosystem with monitoring, software, hardware, security, and end-to-end support. With an MSP, you get access to high-quality IT systems and talent without the expense of an in-house IT manager. It’s a great strategy for small firms to compete with larger competitors!

Not all MSPs are the same. Choose a provider that knows about the unique IT needs of Toronto law firms. In particular, look for an MSP that effectively integrates cloud technology. Appeal to today’s workers by providing excellent options for distance work and telecommuting via cloud applications.

Vertex is here to help

Vertex provides law firms with committed and passionate IT management. Since 2008, we have grown our g Toronto-based law portfolio, setting the IT bar higher, contributing to clients’ success. A growing firm is a successful firm, and we want to see you accomplish that growth!

Learn more about how Vertex updates and streamlines your IT framework so you are in a position to offer employee benefit plans that job-seekers value Get in touch with us today.

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