Managed IT Solutions for Law Firms.

At Vertex, we know you are busy working hard for your clients. The last thing you need to worry about is learning how your IT systems work. That’s why we build, maintain, and provide support for all of the IT systems we provide.


Vertex’s team of committed and passionate IT professionals dedicate themselves to the success of your law firm. Our staff ensures a best-in-class managed IT experience with disruption-free, secure, and reliable networks that give clients the tools they need to maximize their firm’s potential.

Let us take on your law firm’s IT responsibilities. When you partner with us, we will deliver innovative, secure, and flexible IT enterprise solutions that produce excellent ROI—all at a fixed, hassle-free price.



  • Strategic planning for your law firm’s present and future IT needs
  • Enhanced security services
  • Unlimited support with extended hours of coverage
  • Performance management and optimization
  • Hardware, software, and licensing procurement
  • Software management and support
  • Predictive failure monitoring
  • Industry compliance tailored to law firms
  • Quarterly technology reviews to address IT, assess, and adjust for high-risk and inefficient areas
  • Virtual CIO: a dedicated technology consultant that assists in making your firm more secure, productive, and profitable

Here’s why you should choose Vertex
Managed IT Services

  • Dedicated Virtual CIO:

    Each of our clients receives a vCIO—a dedicated Vertex team member focused on your firm’s strategic technology planning and roadmap. From understanding your needs today to making big picture projections, our vCIOs help you plan, scale, and optimize your firm’s IT infrastructure. Your Vertex Virtual CIO makes your firm more secure, productive, and profitable via increased uptime and enhanced security.

  • Optimization:

    Vertex’s network performance optimization ensures your law firm’s systems always operate at maximum efficiency. Monthly proactive work focused on reducing issues, optimizing system performance, and mitigating risk to prevent downtime is a crucial component to our service to improve your firm’s productivity.

  • Enhanced Security Services:

    We go beyond standard information technology security best practices, which gives our clients opportunities to be more productive and profitable with increased uptime and security. Vertex Managed IT Services delivers enhanced IT security to help provide a network you can depend on to run your practice with proactive monitoring, continuous management of security protocols, and risk-mitigation strategies.

  • Compliance:

    Law firms require absolute data security and retention—from PIPEDA to provincial law societies’ protocols. At Vertex, we integrate compliance and data security into our managed IT services to deliver industry-ready solutions.

  • Toronto Help-Desk:

    Located on-site at Vertex Headquarters, our Help-Desk provides unlimited support with extended hours of coverage. Our world-class customer service ensures same-day response and guaranteed 30-minute emergency response time with client satisfaction ratings above 99%.


We are experts in working with these
Law Applications and more.

  • ACL3
  • GhostPractice
  • Summation
  • Worldox
  • PC Law
  • WordLX
  • TimeMatters
  • InForm
  • Amicus Attorney
  • Philips Speech Processing
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Copitrak
  • Worksite
  • Primafact
  • Divorcemate

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Customized IT Solutions for Businessess
Customized IT Solutions for Businessess

Infrastructure. Cloud migrations. Cybersecurity.

Managed IT Services for Businessess
Managed IT Services for Businessess

Cost savings. Scalability. Proven expertise. Personalized Support.

Information at your fingertips. Any time. Anywhere
Information at your fingertips. Any time. Anywhere

Cost savings. Scalability. Proven expertise. Personalized Support.


Your success is important to us—that’s why we dedicate ourselves to optimizing your IT experience.

Since partnering with Vertex, not only have we saved approximately $48,000/year in reduced downtime costs with their managed service plan, they have also given us the competitive advantage we need, thanks to their innovative technology solutions.

Greg Neinstein

Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers

Vertex has been consistently responsive and reliable, and they deal with our issues immediately. They have a large number of clients but make us feel like we are the most important. Even though Vertex is an external company, it feels like they are a part of our team.

Jason Spetter

Lipman Zener & Waxman

Not only are we now realizing markedly better productivity and profitability, but Vertex’s solutions for enhanced security, disaster recovery, remote access and business applications make us far more confident in our own operations and competitive generally, not to mention the enhanced benefts to those we serve.

Jason Ward

Wards Lawyers PC

Our day-to-day operations are more stable and down time has been reduced. We have a much better comfort level in terms of data security and data integrity, and as a result, we sleep better at night.

Max Cohen

Cohen Barristers & Solicitors LLP

Vertex is approachable and responsive, and I know that I can turn to them any hour of the day. They understand the urgency of the issues and are always there for us.

Mary Hope

BYLD Barristers

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