Oct 6, 2021

The Top 4 Essential Benefits for Law Firms

The Truth About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses across the globe. Every day, over 25,000 malicious applications are detected and blocked across the globe. As hackers develop malware that is progressively harder to detect, this number will continually rise. Every business should invest in tools, processes and services that protect their data to help block cybercriminals.

Stolen and leaked information is detrimental to any business, especially businesses that house sensitive information such as healthcare, government, and law firm organizations. Luckily, there are solutions for law firms who want to outsource this type of solution and invest in future-proofed technology specifically designed for unique budgets and timelines. With the increased amount of information stored in the cloud, businesses need managed services with a focus on cloud hosting and security  to better protect their sensitive information.

Cloud Advantages

The technology behind managed cloud services is centered around security and accessibility. The “cloud” refers to an interconnected system of data and networks stored on servers across the globe. For law firms on the go, especially in today’s remote workplace, security and accessibility with cloud systems are essential. Cloud storage gives team members access to their corporate documents and data from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, for many businesses they lack the expertise and tools to take their systems into the cloud and scale their IT infrastructure and then find managing their corporate information in the cloud is difficult. Outsourcing managed cloud services will help improve the control, security and governance around your cloud systems.

For secure, cloud management services, you need industry professionals who can provide the footwork to better align IT systems, manage data security, and provide exceptional IT support. Additionally, professionals who specialize in small and mid-size law firms will be able to provide the best roadmap and expert advice for your specific size.

Vertex: A Leader in Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services through Vertex provides the expertise firms require to effectively manage their IT systems and data security in the cloud. Vertex specializes in small and mid-sized law firms and supports a wide range of needs.

Here are the top 4 benefits of managed cloud services through Vertex:

  • Hybrid Working Model Support & Accessibility

For law firms that are implementing a hybrid working model, Vertex gives your team complete accessibility on the go. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many legal professionals are working remotely. These professionals need access to corporate documents and sensitive information wherever they are. Managed Cloud Services through Vertex enables legal professionals to secure access to their data and files in the cloud on any internet-connected device.

With cloud hosted systems, files and applications are always available no matter what happens to local devices. Not only are your files and data accessible anywhere, but they are consistently being monitored. Vertex provides end-to-end support for your law firm no matter where your team is.

  • Cost-Effective

Outsourcing your managed service provider is cost-effective for multiple reasons. Employing an in-house IT department is expensive and many law firms don’t have the budget or require this large of an expense. Managed cloud services through Vertex cuts down on onboarding, training, and operational costs since your firm no longer requires an in-house IT department. This cost savings makes room for investments in other departments.

Additionally, the experts at Vertex stay on top of legal specific technologies and make educated recommendations to help improve efficiencies for your firm. With Vertex’s managed cloud services, your firm no longer needs to worry about expanding and upgrading on-premise servers and storage systems as the cloud has the ability to scale out resources extremely quickly and cost-effectively. By outsourcing your cloud management to Vertex, you’ll have storage scalability that ultimately saves your firm money.

Vertex also provides your firm with a reputable virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who provides risk-mitigation strategies and technology recommendations to maximize your investment in IT to improve efficiencies. Typically, vCIOs are one of the highest-paid positions in IT, which is why some MSPs decide not to provide one. Vertex provides this indispensable resource who saves you money and provides a dedicated expert at your disposal.

  • Enhanced Security

One essential benefit to Vertex’s managed cloud services is enhanced security. Most legal professionals lack in-depth knowledge about the world of cybersecurity. When legal professionals go to sleep, there isn’t anybody monitoring their company’s security. When a cybersecurity breach happens and systems are idle, 83% of small businesses don’t have the liquidity to deal with such a breach, and the setback could be detrimental to the company. Breaches can sometimes be avoided with a simple security patch. Vertex offers security patch management to reduce the risk of a  breach.

Vertex offers around-the-clock security monitoring to give firm members peace of mind. In addition to this, Vertex offers additional security tools like encryption & decryption, backup features, phishing detection and mitigation, Dark web monitoring for password thieves and hacked accounts, and risk mitigation and risk reduction strategies, which are essential to keep your law firm safe and secure.

  • Improved Productivity

Technical issues are inevitable for any firm. Slow connections, server breakdown, or a manual mistake can cause a drastic reduction in productivity. Managed IT services help law firms by reducing the chance of network downtime and empowering employees to stay productive. The experts at Vertex have industry experience that reduces lost productivity by enacting advanced security measures and disaster plans.

Businesses have seen tremendous success in implementing hybrid work because team members are generally happier working from home. It’s safe to say the remote workplace isn’t going away anytime soon. Giving your law firm total peace of mind with managed IT support in combination with a preferred remote workspace, equals a recipe for productivity for your business.

The Vertex Difference

MSPs give law firms access to high-quality IT systems and processes so they can compete with larger competitors and avoid the expense of an in-house IT management team. However, not all MSPs are created equally. In 2020, 36% of firms dealt with viruses, and 26% of law firms experienced a data breach. The success of your law firm in this digital age depends on the stability and performance of your IT ecosystem. Vertex has industry experience helping law firms transform their IT ecosystem and reduce risks.

With a team of technology consultants at your fingertips, Vertex provides the expertise and knowledge of the evolving tech marketplace so your law firm is always at the forefront of market competition. With expert advice and top-of-the-line monitoring, legal professionals can manage their business with the assurance of enhanced security through Vertex.

We provide best-in-class monitoring, budgeting, and cybersecurity designed to fit your unique budget and timelines. We know that the modern workplace is changing. Your law firm deserves an IT ecosystem that works as quickly and efficiently as you do. Your success hinges on the ability to stay competitive with advanced solutions and that starts with Vertex. For information about how Vertex can maximize your law firm’s potential and deliver exceptional results, or to schedule an audit of your current IT network, contact us today.

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